License: Free (Monthly usage <500GB)

Alternative: HotSpot Shield Elite






TunnelBear VPN Service

Sometimes you just want to go incognito, not be disturbed on the web, put the two fingers up to ‘the man’ and do your own thing. Virtual Private Networking (VPN) is one way of doing this. Through using VPN your real location is hidden and the only servers that really know where you are belong to the VPN service you chose to use.

The main reason that most people use a VPN service is not for reasons of anonymity but to break geo locking. Most media providers do not let you access their services unless you are located in a particular country. Try using the BBC iPlayer from Europe; you can’t. The BBC service can only be used if you are in the UK.

Using TunnelBear you can access any US or UK website as if you were in those respective countries. The service is fast and free if you keep your usage below 500GB a month, if you exceed this then you’ll need the paid service but that’s a cost effective $5.00 a month at the time of writing this. There are many VPN services that seem to pop up each month but be cautious, some are not what they seem. TunnelBear also has a browser extension that makes it very convenient to use.

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